Vaisala Weather Radar WRS300 for Aviation

Cutting-edge C-band weather radar technology for high-performance weather surveillance and smart early-warning decisions.

The future of weather radar design is here. And it’s Solid.

Having access to accurate and timely weather information is crucial for safe and efficient airport operations and to mitigate the impact of adverse weather. The newest addition to Vaisala’s solid state radar family, Vaisala Weather Radar WRS300 leverages cutting edge technology to provide large area coverage and exceptional accuracy in a compact, low-maintenance package for improved assessment, prediction, and preparation of adverse weather at and around the airport, including windshear.

Simple deployment enables streamlined site selection with quick and easy installation and integration into existing networks, Vaisala AviMet AWOS or airport weather systems. The WRS300 offers comprehensive coverage with fully integrated and optimized radar networks.

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