Vaisala Weather Radar WRS300

The future of weather radar design is here. And it’s Solid.


    Cutting-edge C-band weather radar technology for high-performance weather surveillance and smart early-warning decisions

    The newest addition to our solid state weather radar family, Vaisala Weather Radar WRS300 provides high performance and exceptional accuracy in an integrated, low-maintenance package for improved prediction of and preparation for adverse weather.

    WRS300 is the most efficient weather radar of its kind that leverages solid-state power amplification to enable weather detection across large areas with unprecedented longevity.

    As a stand-alone solution, our C-band weather radar offering covers large areas. Paired with the X-band weather radar—which provides unparalleled short-range coverage—decision-makers have the most comprehensive intelligence in the industry.


    WRS300 Weather Radar - integrated and compact design


    Our commitment to solid state technology, compact architecture, and built-in redundancy with no consumables provides the most sensitivity to deliver exceptional accuracy at optimized life cycle cost.

    Solid-state transmitters continue operating even in the event of semiconductor device issues, and problem devices can be replaced without shutting down the whole radar system. The narrow bandwidth of transmitted radio waves enables more effective use of radio wave resources.


    Vaisala Weather Radar WRS300 for Meteorology and Aviation


    WRS300 provides high-quality, comprehensive data: 24/7 in high altitude, structural icing, dust, wind, power outages, and other demanding conditions.

    With a high-quality weather radar system, your team can detect hazardous weather like tornadoes, hail or flooding as well as locate and calculate the speed of precipitation to support accurate arrival times. This data can help meteorologists, broadcasters and other industries transform insights into action in a rapid, efficient manner by providing reliable forecasts and accurate results.


    Vaisala Weather Radar WRS300 for Meteorology and Aviation


    High-resolution intelligence secured by Vaisala’s patented technologies allows you to measure various characteristics of weather and provide high-resolution weather forecasting with short lead times.

    WRS300 provides high-quality data with over 99% data availability. A combination of stable radio wave output and cutting-edge observation techniques based on dual polarization reduces observation time and increases data accuracy.


    Vaisala Weather Radar WRS300 for Meteorology and Aviation


    Remote operation and automatic and continuous calibration make WRS300 easier to maintain with fewer site visits required. Running costs are drastically reduced through long-life transmitters and low power consumption.

    From delivery to management and through the end of life, easy installation and calibration ensures no surprises and low lifetime cost.

    C-band Weather Radar WRS300

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