Vaisala Beam Weather Station BWS500

Track weather and environmental conditions where it matters most, with true flexibility and ease of use.

    Compact, all-in-one station

    Vaisala Beam Weather Station


    Many industries rely on accurate, reliable weather and environmental observations to make timely and fact-based decisions.

    The powerful, compact Vaisala Beam Weather Station BWS500 provides a unique combination of weather and environmental insights for a variety of applications.

    • Easy, flexible setup with a wide variety of high-quality, plug-and-play sensors
    • True mobility and connectivity to quickly fill observation gaps just about anywhere
    • Smart and secure end-to-end package for peace of mind
    • Scalable to support both small and large-scale weather observation networks

    Accurate, high-quality sensors

    Vaisala Beam Weather Station


    Beam Station uses a wide variety of high-quality sensors to produce full-spectrum air quality and weather intelligence.

    • Weather measurements: Wind speed and direction, air pressure, temperature, humidity and rainfall
    • Air quality measurements: Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitrogen monoxide (NO), ozone (O3), carbon monoxide (CO), ppm-level carbon dioxide (CO2), and particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10
    • Additional compatible sensors: Expand with options such as solar radiation, water and snow depth, and visibility and present weather measurements

    Secure data connectivity



    Vaisala Edge Gateway EGW501 is a data collection and transfer solution that provides platform-level security for Beam Station. Edge Gateway also provides data collection and storage with buffering to prevent data loss and communication breaks.

    Plug & play



    Beam Station is quick to set up with a wide variety of high-quality sensors. Install and relocate on existing infrastructure like street poles, traffic signal masts or overhead bridges to easily fill observation gaps in urban areas, around industrial facilities or in hard-to-reach locations.

    With its flexible, compact design, Beam Station can be easily and cost-effectively used as a standalone station or networked with several stations for insights across a broader area.

    Data management & sharing



    Beam Station includes flexible communication, including MQTT protocol, and data transfer options that make it easy to transfer sensor observation data to the setup that works for you. Use Vaisala or your own SIM card for connectivity and also view station locations on a map.

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    Get Started with Vaisala Beam Weather Station

    No matter your industry, the compact and mobile Beam Station is the right solution for various weather observation and research applications. Tell us about your specific project or needs — we’re here to help.