Runway Weather Station RWS200

Accurate, reliable weather intelligence for keeping runways, taxiways, and ramps safe and operational.

Keep flying, safely

Airports depend on minute-by-minute awareness of runway, taxiway, and ramp conditions when the weather gets bad. Otherwise, operations are compromised and everyone from ground workers to aircrews and passengers are put at risk.

Vaisala’s RWS200 is the industry’s most reliable, accurate runway weather station built for exactly these situations. It provides unparalleled uptime and reliability for minimal disruption and maximum decision-making confidence. The weather station’s high-grade components and materials are built to withstand almost anything nature can throw at them, and unlike competing systems, RWS200 is easily expandable and upgradable if observation requirements change. This provides excellent value over a long service life.

RWS200 is also flexible enough to be used as a fully equipped system, or to fill gaps in an existing observation network.

Winter Weather Grounding Your Operations?

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