Global lightning detection network GLD360


    Global lightning density map

    It’s real-time data from the industry’s most accurate global detection network. GLD360 increases the ability for early detection and tracking of severe weather as it occurs nearly anywhere in the world including oceans, mountain peaks, and other areas not typically covered by radar.


    Access comprehensive global lightning data with an uptime better than 99.99%. Users can access it right away and standardize data across all of their facilities worldwide.


    Follow developing storm situations sooner with more complete situational insight. GLD360 lets users standardize their lightning detection for multiple site locations and share high quality, accurate data to manage safety across global operations with 1 km location accuracy.


    Get 24/7/365 global thunderstorm and lightning data even in the most remote locations, all without the need to purchase, install, or maintain any additional equipment or systems.

    Real-time global thunderstorm and lightning data with GLD360

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