AviMet® Runway Visual Range (RVR)

This Runway Visual Range system improves airport safety and operational capacity with automated RVR assessment and reporting.


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    System overview


    The Vaisala AviMet Runway Visual Range System is a fully automated RVR assessment and reporting system that gives airports a single, scalable solution. It fulfills ICAO requirements and is the only system approved by the FAA.

    Suitable for any airport, it makes runway visibility measurement data available to air traffic control, pilots, and others, using the appropriate formats and alerting methods. This way, all stakeholders are able to put RVR information to use immediately and effectively, ensuring safe airport operations and full capacity in all weather conditions.

    • Best-in-class, cost-efficient sensor technology proven over long service lives
    • Superior data accuracy and consistency in all weather conditions
    • Stand-alone system or an integral part of Vaisala AviMet AWOS (automated weather observing system)
    • Compatible with CATI, CATII or III airports
    • Flexible and configurable to meet any airport's needs

    ICAO compliant

    runway visual range; rvr reporting; runway visibility measurement

    Vaisala AviMet RVR measures meteorological optical range, background luminance and runway light setting, and calculates runway visual range according to ICAO Annex 3.

    The RVR values and alarms can be shown on the ATC displays and distributed to PCs, chart recorders, and other digital displays. The reporting format of the RVR values is ICAO compliant and the values can be used in METAR and MET REPORTs.


    FAA certified

    runway visual range; rvr reporting; runway visibility measurement

    AviMet RVR is the only FAA-approved runway visual range system, and delivers Vaisala’s proven aviation weather management performance and credibility. In addition to high standards in quality control and system requirements, this PC-based system conforms to the toughest specifications and requirements of the aviation industry.

    You can be sure that the system fulfills your needs and meets FAA requirements, providing critical RVR information to support precision landing and takeoff operations in the National Airspace System (NAS).


    Measurement methods

    runway visual range; rvr reporting; runway visibility measurement

    Our runway visual range (RVR) systems utilize the technology the ICAO has defined as the suitable MOR measurement options for RVR assessment: transmissometers and forward scatter sensors.

    Vaisala’s Transmissometer LT31 is the best choice for accuracy and reliability, especially in the most critical, low-visibility situations, and it exceeds ICAO Annex 3 definitions.

    Vaisala’s Forward Scatter FD70 is the best available forward scatter sensor for visibility and present weather.

    runway visual range; rvr reporting; runway visibility measurement

    Get accurate and reliable visibility information

    An airport's decision regarding what kind of runway visibility solution to use is of critical importance. Get your questions answered and learn about the best visibility measurement solution for your airport’s particular aviation weather and runway management conditions.