AviMet® AWOS

This Automated Weather Observing System makes aviation safer by providing comprehensive and reliable real-time weather data to airports of all sizes.


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    Real-Time Weather Insights

    The AviMet AWOS (automated weather observing system) helps pilots and other aviation personnel make critical decisions with continuous, real-time reports on airport weather conditions. In addition to basic weather observations, AviMet AWOS can be customized to detect:

    • Lightning
    • Runway surface condition
    • Windshear
    • Other severe weather phenomena

    The system is fully compliant with ICAO and WMO requirements up to CAT III, CAR120 requirements, and it supports their defined reports. For more than 40 years, Vaisala has provided aviation weather and runway management solutions that deliver safety and excellence through high performance, ease of use, and reduced operative costs.


    System At A Glance

    A minimum installation of Vaisala’s AviMet AWOS (automated weather observing system) consists of sensors, communications equipment, and a single computer Central Data Unit (CDU), which also works as a workstation and runs the end-user applications. The minimum system can be expanded without any limits to the system size.

    Components of a typical AWOS for aviation weather and runway management:

    • Central Data Unit with duplicated computers
    • Communications equipment
    • User workstations
    • Remote control and maintenance workstations
    • Digital displays
    • Printers for data and alarms
    • Field sensors, associated power and signal cabling, and installation accessories
    • UPS for critical system components

    All critical functions of the system can be duplicated to ensure uninterrupted flow of data.


    Seamless Integration

    The AviMet system architecture ensures smooth integration of meteorological data into any existing air traffic control, airport-wide service and maintenance systems, and other meteorological systems. Seamless integration means you can save time, money, and effort by continuing to use the technology you have already invested in, while benefiting from the performance improvement provided by Vaisala's aviation weather and runway management technology.

    The AviMet AWOS (automated weather observing system) is designed to interface by various output communication formats and to meet diverse communication standards and conventions. The most current ICAO defined information exchange methods are supported.

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    Take On the Toughest Weather Conditions Now

    Take situational awareness at your airport to a whole new level. Talk to us about your weather observing challenges and how Vaisala's aviation weather and runway management solutions can help.