Strike Damage Potential

    Overview and Applications

    Lightning storm over wind farm

    Vaisala Strike Damage Potential is the world’s first solution to group lightning strokes into lightning strike points and the first to provide accurate data on the potential for damage from each lightning strike. This innovation accurately shows the precise location of the strikes—both near-real time and historical—most likely to have started a fire or caused damage.

    Accurate and reliable lightning data supports organizations in power transmission and wind energy, and helps land and forestry agencies manage the impact of thunderstorms. This new, critical data can help decision makers minimize wildfire spread, and easily locate potential damage to essential assets like wind turbines and overhead power lines.


    Fast, critical insights

    Vaisala Lightning Exporter screen shot

    Delivers near-real time notification and prioritization, which decision makers can use to quickly intervene before a problem escalates to the point of endangering property, or threatening power generation and delivery.



    Saves time and effort

    Strike damage potential: night time lightning storm

    Provides the timely information you need, so you spend less time and fewer resources repairing damage or containing wildfires. The data is available with a subscription from the Vaisala Global Lightning Detection Network GLD360 or National Lightning Detection Network, and is accessible through an easy-to-use interface or API.


    Targeted response

    Strike damage potential: lightning storm over a wind farm

    Part of the Vaisala lightning suite of solutions, Strike Damage Potential builds on data from the most trusted lightning detection networks in the world.

    For more than 30 years, Vaisala has created the most accurate lightning detection solutions available. Customers trust Vaisala technology to help them make critical operational and safety decisions based on real-time storm and lightning data.

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