Thunderstorm Total Lightning Database TLD100 and TLD200

Total Lightning Database TLD100 and TLD200 is a processing module in the Vaisala Thunderstorm Information System that specializes in archiving cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning data for forensic applications.

The Total Lightning Database TLD100 and TLD200 is the lightning data management processor module that receives and stores real-time lightning data from the Vaisala Thunderstorm central processor. Vaisala Thunderstorm Information System operators use the TLD100 and TLD200 to archive their lightning data into a relational database. Users have easy and secured access to the archived data for use in their lightning display software and lightning analysis software. The TLD100 and TLD200 also provide secured access to real-time lightning data.Multiple users can simultaneously access lightning information for use in their Vaisala FALLS® Fault Analysis and Lightning Location System, or custom lightning application software.


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