Shipboard Wind & Weather Display System

    Accuracy in all conditions

    To operate safely, a vessel’s crew needs timely information about wind, air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Vaisala’s Shipboard Wind & Weather Display System is specifically designed to display the observation data needed for ship navigation and to support the dynamic positioning system on the bridge — keeping your maritime vessel and all aboard safe and operating efficiently in all marine conditions.

    Vaisala’s Shipboard Wind & Weather Display System offers:

    • Extremely accurate, reference-grade measurement
    • Full compatibility with Vaisala’s WMT700 Ultrasonic Wind Sensors and Weather Transmitter WXT530 series, for a system that meets your exact needs
    • Wind sensors with no moving parts, for maintenance-free operation
    • IEC 60945:2002 compliance

    All-in-One Weather Instrument

    Vaisala’s Shipboard Wind & Weather Display System is fully compatible with our Weather Transmitter WXT530 series, for a marine weather monitoring solution that meets your exact needs.

    The WXT530 is a compact, cost-efficient series of all-in-one weather instruments. One sensor provides six of the most important weather parameters for safe maritime operations: air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction. Options mean flexibility:

    • We offer six different versions, so you can choose the measurement parameter combination that best fits your application
    • Integration is easy and flexible through the digital and analog interface.
    • You can also connect third-party sensors to the WXT530 to create your own weather parameter hub.
    • The latest version of these world-class weather instruments supports the Modbus protocol, unlocking new industrial. applications such as renewable energy, building and industrial automation, and manufacturing.

    Robust, Reliable Ultrasonic Anemometer

    Vaisala’s Shipboard Wind & Weather Display System is fully compatible with our WMT700 Ultrasonic Wind Sensors, offering a solution that addresses your exact ship observation needs for safe maritime operations.

    Our WINDCAP® Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT700 is a robust, reliable ultrasonic anemometer. It uses ultrasound to determine horizontal wind speed and direction, and is WMO and ICAO compliant.

    Benefit from superior design:

    • The WMT700 features a maintenance-free design. with no moving parts to wear out and comes in a durable full stainless steel structure with welded arms. It’s resistant to natural contamination and corrosion, and will stand up to harsh marine conditions.
    • Our patented WINDCAP wind measurement technology ensures accurate results in all wind directions.
    • Choose from four different heating options that shield from ice and snow build-up in cold climates.
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    Keep Your Vessel Operating Safely

    Discover how to get accurate wind and weather observation data in all marine conditions through a flexible display indicator.