Static Pressure Heads SPH10/20

Variations due to strong and gusty wind can be overcome by using a static pressure head to ‘filter out’ the effect of dynamic pressure. The Vaisala Static Pressure Head Series SPH10/20 are designed to minimize the errors caused by wind. The wind tunnel tested structure is both horizontally and vertically symmetrical. This design ensures reliable barometric pressure measurements in all weather.

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Key Benefits

Ideal for outdoor installations
Composed of ultraviolet stabilized PC plastics and offshore aluminium, the SPH10/20 static pressure heads are durable and weather resistant. The SPH10/20 protects against moisture with drain holes in the lower plate that allow rain and water to flow out. It also has internal netting that prevents insects and debris from blocking the pressure channel.
Ease of installation and carefree maintenance
The SPH10/20 static pressure heads are easy to install and disassemble, service, and clean – even at the installation site.
Reliable barometric pressure measurement in all weather
Vaisala BAROCAP® Barometers can be installed directly on top of the SPH10/20 static pressure heads. Other barometers can be connected to the heads with pressure tubing.