Weather Radar WRK200

WRK200 is equipped with klystron transmitter technology. WRK200 offers exceptional spectral purity and phase noise performance.

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Key Benefits

S-Band Performance at a C-Band Price
Obtain the same precipitation measurement accuracy using the WRK200 as with an S-band system that costs typically two or three times more.
Dual polarization adds new dimension
The radar operates in either Simultaneous Transmit and Receive of H and V (STAR) mode or Linear Depolarization Mode (LDR) mode, during which H alone is transmitted and both are received.
More accurate precipitation measurement
Provides KDP-based measurement of the precipitation rate. Unlike the reflectivity (Z), KDP is directly proportional to the precipitation rate, independent of the radar calibration and unbiased by intervening clutter or partial beam blockage. This makes the KDP very robust in measuring moderate and heavy rain.

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