Continuing Current Dataset

Lightning data that filters for continuing current lightning events — the 10% of strikes with the potential to create the most damage.

    Pioneering Approach

    This is a first-of-its-kind system that compiles data from satellite-borne lightning sensors with data from the Vaisala National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) and Global Lightning Detection Network (GLD360). It’s filtered in real-time for immediate insight on potentially destructive lightning anywhere in North and South America.

    Likely to damage

    Lightning strokes with continuing current can have a duration hundreds of times longer than a normal stroke, and transfer significantly more electric charge, which can cause substantial damage due to extreme heating

    Real-time precision

    Advanced data sequencing progressively filters lightning events as they are detected to eliminate the less destructive cloud-only and cloud-to-ground lightning as they occur. This identifies the most potentially destructive events, delivering real-time lightning data that includes date and time with accuracy to the millisecond, latitude and longitude, and event duration.

    Targeted response

    In what can often be a guessing game of resource deployment, knowing the precise location and duration of the lightning events with the most potential for damage helps increase the effectiveness of incident response teams and helps speed resolution.

    Accurately deploy inspection and post-storm resources

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