Vaisala launches Xweather Insight, a weather confidence platform that improves short-term forecast accuracy by up to 50 percent

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January 9, 2024

Vaisala launches Xweather Insight, a weather confidence platform that improves short-term forecast accuracy by up to 50 percent

Vaisala Xweather Insight combines proprietary observations with novel AI and machine learning in a weather confidence platform for optimizing business operations against daily challenges like snow and high winds and enhancing preparedness and resilience against severe weather and natural disasters such as thunderstorms and forest fires.

Weather and environmental tech leader Vaisala today announced the launch of the Vaisala Xweather Insight weather confidence platform at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, United States. Xweather Insight combines Vaisala’s measurement technology and expertise, proprietary Xweather data sets, and novel AI and machine learning into a software and sensors solution to help businesses maximize safety, optimize operations, analyze risk, plan proactively, and make informed decisions—ultimately transforming weather from a challenge into an advantage.

For weather-dependent and weather-sensitive industries, like aviation, renewable energy, utilities, mining, and maritime, Xweather Insight provides the measurements, forecasts, analysis, and alerts needed to optimize daily operations, improve preparedness and resilience against severe weather, and enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

“Only Vaisala offers the combination of instruments and intelligence to solve businesses’ environmental challenges. With Xweather Insight, we have created a weather confidence platform that delivers actionable weather intelligence and insights for every business and organization affected by the weather,” says Indrajit Chaudhuri, Chief Platform Officer for Vaisala Xweather.

Underpinning the Xweather Insight service is Xcast, a machine learning-based weather prediction technology (MLWP) that enhances short-term forecast accuracy and produces unique actionable insights by using local measurements and observations. Xcast-powered forecasts are up to 50% more accurate than the short-term forecasts generated by traditional numerical weather prediction (NWP) models. What's more, Xcast also reduces the number of large errors (greater than 2.5 °C) in 24-hour temperature forecasts by up to 59%.

The Xweather Insight platform launches with a set of three modules. With a flexible subscription model, companies can mix and match modules as needed to meet their business requirements.

The Protect module provides the world’s most accurate severe weather monitoring and alerting solution, giving industries like aviation, energy production, energy transmission, ports, and construction companies the ability to set up thunderstorm warning systems for their locations and keep people and assets safe from lightning. Fully configurable for the user, Xweather Protect gives early warnings of approaching storms and notifies when it is safe to resume work.

For businesses requiring both macro and micro views of the weather and its impact, the Explore module provides an intuitive global map powered by the world’s most accurate forecast and measurement data. It includes more than 40 configurable weather and environmental data layers that show real-time weather impacts, as well as a forecast that helps companies take preventative measures against future disruptions.

The Observe module connects the Xweather Insight platform to local sensors. Companies can monitor and analyze real-time observations and historical data, manage devices remotely, and integrate data into business applications and services. The Observe module uses Xcast to produce hyperlocal observation-enhanced forecasts that cannot be achieved with traditional numerical weather prediction (NWP) models.

Xweather Insight is offered as a subscription service that enables companies of any size to configure the service to their needs and is available as an API and as a web-based application. Future modules will introduce new capabilities such as alert integration and triggers from the platform into business processes and applications.

“With this launch, Xweather Insight offers a comprehensive set of solutions for protecting and optimizing operations, analyzing risk, planning ahead, and making informed decisions. Weather is complex and ever changing, but with Xweather Insight, every weather-sensitive industry can turn the weather to their advantage for confident operational decision making,” Chaudhuri concludes.

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