Vaisala’s innovative biogas measurement solution wins Instrumentation Excellence Award in the UK

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Vaisala’s innovative biogas measurement instrument wins Instrumentation Excellence Award in the UK

The world-leading measurement technology company Vaisala, received first prize at the Instrumentation Excellence Awards. The company’s winning MGP261 device is a ground-breaking 3-in-1 measurement innovation for biogas production that enables more value from waste. The award ceremony was held last Thursday in London.

Gas detection product of the year that fights the climate change

Vaisala’s MGP261 multigas instrument won the Gas Detection Product of the Year category. It measures methane, humidity, and carbon dioxide inside the biogas process pipeline without sampling, even in hazardous environments.

“This unique new technology represents a major breakthrough for the operators of biogas plants,” explains Vaisala’s Product Manager Antti Heikkilä.

“Not only are they able to control biogas production more efficiently, and at a lower cost with this instrument, but they can also improve the quality of the biogas. By helping to improve efficiency and financial performance, this technology is also contributing to the fight against climate change. Anaerobic digestion turns waste into renewable energy and reduces dependency on fossil fuels, which is even more important in an energy crisis,” Heikkilä comments.

Vaisala’s Sales Manager Andrew Williams was also present at the award ceremony.
“I am very proud and happy for the win and want to give thanks to the whole team who made this possible: starting from our R&D scientists and engineers at Vaisala, but also our customers and partners who choose to use our technology to provide the measurements that they rely on to drive their businesses forward,” says Williams.

Strong stand in sustainable technology

Vaisala has strong sustainability impact through its measurement solutions, for instance helping to fight climate change in three ways: With Vaisala’s world-class environmental observations scientists can study climate change. By optimizing processes with Vaisala’s accurate measurement instruments customers can minimize waste, increase energy efficiency, and improve renewable energy production – such as biogas with the awarded MGP261. Thirdly, precise weather observations conducted by Vaisala’s monitoring systems help societies prepare for and adapt to extreme weather.

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