Vaisala launches a hyperlocalized Air Quality Forecast to deliver high-resolution, actionable intelligence for proactive air quality management in cities

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September 27, 2022

Vaisala launches a hyperlocalized Air Quality Forecast to deliver high-resolution, actionable intelligence for proactive air quality management in cities

Helps cities deliver an enhanced quality of life, safety, efficiency, and sustainability making communities more resilient to environmental challenges.

Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, today announced the launch of its state-of-the-art Air Quality Forecast, which provides unmatched hyperlocal insights with down to 15-meter resolution that empower city authorities to protect communities.

This new Vaisala offering combines superior air quality modeling and measurements to forecast air quality at street-level resolution – including urban landscapes, within street canyons, and even around vegetation. The solution leverages advanced modeling techniques using data fusion and other information sources, such as air quality monitoring networks and local reference stations. In addition, when paired with Vaisala’s AQT530 compact air quality sensor, Vaisala Air Quality Forecast delivers even more enhanced accuracy and localization.

Mitigating air pollution, acting on an immediate air quality hazard to citizens, and guiding future infrastructure planning – including traffic control, community parks, and hospital development – are easier when using reliable air quality intelligence.

“Vaisala’s new Air Quality Forecast subscription service can be up and running in a city in less than a week,” said Marko Torvinen, Head of Forecasting, Weather and Environment, Vaisala. “The combined power of our weather and environmental intelligence, leveraging 20 years of research and pioneering innovation, provides dependable information decision-makers can confidently act on now and into the future.”

Providing proactive air quality insights designed exclusively for cities, Vaisala Air Quality Forecast promotes environmental stewardship by delivering:

  • Air pollution visualization: Advanced dispersion modeling, forecasting, and air quality measurements create a unique view of emissions and their impact on the environment.
  • Actionable hourly forecasts: Location-based predictions allow agencies to alert communities when air quality indices reach critical levels.
  • Reliable, comprehensive, accurate, hyperlocal measurements: Precise evaluation empowers decision-makers to take actions to decrease air pollution in communities worldwide.

With its unwavering commitment to the planet, Vaisala delivers air quality solutions that align with the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals and the European Union’s standardization agency.

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