Vaisala and city of Lahti pilot hyperlocal air quality solution for healthier cities

Vaisala's air quality sensors in Lahti
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 Vaisala air quality sensors in Lahti Vaisala
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May 20, 2021

 Vaisala air quality sensors in Lahti

Vaisala partners with Lahti European Green Capital 2021 project to find cost-efficient solutions for small and midsized cities to improve quality of life with reliable real-time air quality insights.

Vaisala’s air quality monitoring in cities is based on accurate and cost-effective compact air quality sensors. In the European Green Capital project, the city of Lahti will be measuring air quality in the city area and analyzing the data from the air quality sensors that have now been installed in the city.

“We are very happy to include Vaisala’s cutting-edge technology to our project. Street and construction site dust, traffic exhaust gases, as well as wood burning affect air quality and hence also health of citizens, also here in Lahti. We want to measure air quality even more in detail than we currently do. With access to the right information, people become more informed, active, and engaged. They gain a deeper connection to their environment and new ways of thinking about community,” said Saara Vauramo, Program Director, Lahti European Green Capital 2021.

Hyperlocal air quality monitoring solution for everyone’s reach

Currently, many cities use only reference-grade equipment to get a detailed picture of air quality conditions and development in accordance with EU legislation. However, the legislation allows also the use of additional measurement methods, and the recent development of compact air quality sensors has provided various new possibilities for improved air quality monitoring. Vaisala’s air quality sensors can act as important supplementary measurement points along with the reference station data, which enables diving deeper into the sources and fluctuations of emissions. The specific points of interest, such as streets with heavy traffic, proximity of the industrial sites and private housing areas with wood combustion, can be easily monitored with compact air quality sensors.

“Air pollution is a multi-faceted challenge. Poor air quality has both health and economic consequences, and it even has an impact on historical cities. It is great to show what can be achieved with our compact air quality sensing solution in the Lahti European Green Capital project. We encourage the EU decision makers and cities to consider compact air quality sensors for more affordable and high-quality air quality management throughout the EU,” said Jarkko Sairanen, EVP, Weather and Environment.

“The sensors can be also easily relocated if new needs arise. Several small cities in Europe may in fact completely miss air quality monitoring capabilities today. New solutions such as compact sensors allow an easy and affordable way to receive air quality information as well as better decision making by businesses and communities,” said Hannamari Jaakkola, Senior Market Manager, Urban Weather and Environment. “Another great example of how we can enhance people’s understanding of hyperlocal air quality is our pilot project with JCDecaux, where we provide air quality information to the citizens of Helsinki displayed at two central public transport stops.”

Environmental awareness and action for a better tomorrow are the hottest topics on the table today. Vaisala’s innovations enable great societal outcomes; supporting an enhanced quality of life, safety, efficiency, and sustainability in communities – all of which make communities more resilient given today’s environmental challenges. Also in many industries, Vaisala’s measurement solutions are an important tool to decrease emissions and waste as well as to save energy. Optimized industrial processes and conditions provide support for their sustainable operations and development.

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