Meet our pioneers: Terhi Lehtola

Terhi Lehtola, Senior Scientist

Terhi Lehtola, Senior Scientist, Industrial Measurements

Vantaa, Finland

I started as a summer trainee, did my master’s thesis for Vaisala in 2006, and started as a sensor engineer in Vaisala's Industrial Measurements after that. In 2014, I also wrote a licentiate thesis on a Vaisala topic.

In my current team, we develop thin-film sensors for various industrial applications. I am interested in algorithms and do a lot of measurement data processing and algorithm development. Often, I am involved in all phases of sensor design from fundamental physics/chemistry of sensor materials to algorithm development and testing of the final product.

I enjoy creativity, and in the early phase of R&D, we have the possibility to test various new ideas. I appreciate the opportunity to grow professionally and the ability to adjust my work content to suit personal strengths and preferences. Work times are flexible, and many people in R&D can work remotely.

What makes me most committed to the company is the purpose of the work and the overall atmosphere within Vaisala. We work for the common good and support each other. We have plenty of topics that require deep expertise, so everyone gets their share of interesting problems to solve.

Right now, the most inspiring topic in my work is AI and its capabilities. We have huge potential for growth by utilizing machine learning methods. I also get energized by facilitating group work, such as a peer learning community of more than 100 people.

One of the most memorable moments at Vaisala so far was when our team won the Vaisala quality award for improving our laboratory measurement capability so that its accuracy even exceeded external standards. Field measurements and conferences in not-so-everyday places also make great memories. But the most important thing is that the daily work is interesting.

In my free time, I am an enthusiastic musician. I sing and play various instruments. I also like to spend time with friends and family and exercise in nature.