Meet our pioneers: Aada Köpsi

Giant Leap intern in Vaisala instrument factory

Aada Köpsi, Project Engineer Trainee - Giant Leap

Vantaa, Finland

In May 2023, I started working at Vaisala through the Giant Leap program. My project was to optimize the testing of one of Vaisala’s weather stations, focusing on the development of a cost-effective solution. Within the Weather and Environment business area, I actively collaborated with the team lead and the management of Project Engineering in the Project and Customer Service Unit. Utilizing my skills in programming, I developed a Python program to automate the testing process, replacing the manual procedures.  I continued working with the project until December, alongside my bachelor's thesis on the same topic.

I study automation engineering in Aalto University. My major is in Automation and System Technology, and I have Computer Science as my minor. During my three years of studies, I have learned to develop and design automated systems, as well as problem-solving and programming skills. I applied for the Giant Leap program to gain practical experience in my field of studies, develop new skills, and improve existing ones. I was impressed by Vaisala’s global presence as the industry leader in weather, environment, and industrial measurement technology.

The substantial time and effort invested in my project proved worthwhile. Lessons from school helped me to break down the task of the project into more manageable components. Starting with small bits, I gradually connected the pieces to establish a semi-automated testing process for the weather station. This resulted in a significant reduction in testing time, allowing to focus more on complicated tasks. The biggest impact was the cost-effective testing of a larger number of weather stations and an enhanced throughput for the factory.

Throughout the internship, I faced some challenges, especially with programming. It was sometimes challenging to get the code right to make the data flow between the computer and the weather station. With the help of colleagues and the internet, I received a kickstart in resolving issues and moving forward. This taught about teamwork, decision-making, resilience, and project management, and the experience showed me that with determination and the right support, you can overcome even the toughest challenges. It has been a giant leap in my learning journey.