WindCube Scan Dual Lidar Ready

An unparalleled solution for increasing coverage, accuracy, and efficiency in offshore campaigns

As scanning lidar expands in offshore-from-the-shore Wind Resource Assessment (WRA), the quest for ever-greater certainty is also growing.

Introducing our WindCube Scan Dual Lidar Ready offering: this innovative approach to WRA provides an even more comprehensive picture of the wind resource profiles by observing an offshore location from several positions. Read the press release.

Video: WindCube Scan Dual Lidar Ready

Get a bird’s eye view of how the offering works to provide wind data from multiple perspectives.

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The Ultimate Guide: WindCube Scan Dual Lidar Ready

Learn about the groundbreaking innovation providing unprecedented wind profile coverage and accuracy for offshore campaigns - from the shoreline or fixed platforms.

WC Scan product spotlight

Product Spotlight: WindCube Scan

Long-range, fully flexible wind data for wind farm development and operations.

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Infographic: Expand your perspective

Check out this summary which provides an overview of the WindCube Scan Dual Lidar Ready offering. It's more than just double data.

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Vaisala Offshore solutions

Innovative lidar solutions for offshore wind energy projects.

Scanning ebook

eBook: Scanning lidar

In wind energy, reducing risk and establishing certainty are critical to business success. For some companies, long-range 3D scanning lidar has proven to be an invaluable tool in this process.

Wind Resource Assessment offshore from the shore in Japan

Case Study: Wind Resource Assessment offshore from the shore in Japan

How Green Power Investment leveraged WindCube Scan Dual Lidar to efficiently measure the full wind profile for a competitive new project.

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Presentation: Dual Lidars

A cost-efficient and operational solution for offshore wind resource assessments.