Road Weather

Road weather technology has as many uses as there are weather conditions, from having accurate data about the road surface, like snow and ice to wind, sand storms or flooding. Vaisala road weather solutions monitor roadways for specific parameters you need to know, to take action or warn travelers.  All decisions, whether human or automated, are based on accurate and reliable measurement data, so ensuring your road weather data is key.

If you are a highway or community agency you are responsible for keeping the roads safe and passable at all times. No matter where you are weather can impact your road network, creating a challenge for maintaining safety and mobility. Weather impacts can come at any time of the year and from many different situations such as snow and ice, heavy rains, fog, high winds, and sand storms. Unfortunately, due to the expansiveness of your road network, the weather impact does not always occur outside your window. It usually occurs many kilometers/miles away from where you are. Vaisala provides everything you need to monitor your entire network, and enables you to plan and execute critical decisions.

Managing Winter Road Conditions

Monitoring the current conditions on roadways nearby and remote motorways is critical to performing winter maintenance operations. Ministries of transportation, departments of transportation, cities, counties, and townships all have a need to monitor road...

Autonomous cars

Future of Mobility and Weather

Weather will continue to have tremendous impact on how people and goods will actually move in the future, regardless the types of vehicles, technologies, and services making that movement possible.

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