Meteorological Infrastructure & Capability Development

Improving national resiliency by properly applying weather observation solutions can save billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

Increase Situational Awareness with a Complete Solution

Accurate and reliable weather observations are the backbone of all meteorological and climatological services. Increase the reliability of your network, and the amount of real-time information for better forecasting to protect local communities.

Upgrade and modernize your meteorological capabilities with a turnkey solution, covering everything from different observation technologies and networks to a seamless data flow into one integrated weather information and forecast production environment. All this is designed to your specific needs.

Track and forecast weather events with combined weather radar and lightning observations — accurately and in real-time — and take the opportunity to warn and act to minimize human and economic losses. To ensure the sustainability of your investment, our comprehensive solutions include products, full system delivery, and training for even the most demanding environments and applications.

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How Meteorological Capacity Building Helps Predict the Unpredictable

Learn how to enhance your country's capacity to detect, track, and warn of hazardous weather events, as well as to monitor climate change — minimizing the loss of lives and property.