Ground Transportation

Our road weather technology provides reliable weather and condition data to empower your decisions.

Comprehensive Road Weather Solutions

Road weather technology is critical for winter and summer road maintenance and the automotive industry and other industries affected by weather. Regardless of the application, accurate data regarding road surface and weather conditions, from snow and ice to wind, sand storms, or flooding, empowers your ground transportation decision making with crucial information.

Vaisala’s road weather systems, sensors, and solutions monitor roadways for the specific parameters you need to know, so you can act effectively or warn travelers. With our road weather technology, all your decisions, whether human or automated, are based on accurate and reliable measurement data, so you can improve safety and operational efficiency.

Vaisala offers the technology you need to:

  • Manage winter and summer road conditions with observation-driven data
  • Obtain accurate road weather measurements and forecasts in all seasons
  • Tap into AI-powered road data collection and analysis
  • Join the future of mobility and weather solutions


Winter Driving Conditions
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AI on the Road

Get a detailed look at how AI is improving pavement condition inventory worldwide.

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