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Innovative, collaborative solutions that help solve environmental challenges and make our cities better places to live and work.


    Vaisala Smart Cities, Urban and Industrial Systems


    At its heart, having a smart city means planning preventive maintenance and optimizing resources to maximize well-being. Think innovation, participation, collaboration and coordination between all stakeholders – especially residents.

    We provide accurate, reliable measurement solutions and actionable insights that help you make better decisions to improve your city. It is easy to integrate Vaisala weather and air quality sensors into a wide range of smart city systems to provide real-time data on the parameters you need most.

    Air quality and weather information is helpful for city services as well as the public, and the insights they bring are opening up new opportunities for innovation. With smart applications that integrate weather and air quality sensors, street lights can provide insights while charging electric vehicles. Traffic surveillance camera systems can reveal how rush hour affects local pollution. Transportation and traffic management systems can reduce congestion.


    Bright street lights at night.


    When integrated into a smart city system, light poles can do much more than illuminate city streets. They can measure everything from weather and air quality to water quality, environmental noise, and traffic for observations. Plugging weather and air quality data into these kinds of networks opens many opportunities to increase weather awareness and resilience in cities.


    Vaisala Smart Cities, Urban Weather Resiliency


    Hyperlocal weather data can be integrated into traffic management systems to respond to adverse weather conditions, which makes a city function more efficiently through smoother transportation. Weather and thunderstorm awareness also helps decision-makers respond faster and more proactively to extreme weather events such as floods and snowstorms.


    Vaisala Smart Cities, Empower Urban Organizations


    Air quality data in particular provides reliable & helpful air pollution insights that empower businesses, government, and citizens to adapt and make informed choices. City planners can harness the insights to find ideal locations for public services such as schools, daycare centers, recreation areas. Decision-makers can develop solutions for people who are sensitive to air pollution so they can take action in daily life.


    Vaisala Smart Cities, City Park


    Extreme weather can be risky, especially with approaching lightning. Local, actionable weather insights helps decision-makers when people’s safety depends on their action — from buildings and outdoor recreation activities to worker safety and risk management for fires and explosions.

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