Sustainable Ports

Monitor the air quality in your port, contribute to a healthy and sustainable harbor, and meet green requirements.

    A Changing Climate



    Climate change resiliency is a non-negotiable priority for ports. In an era of rapid climatic and operational change, ports must adapt with technology to stay nimble and efficient.

    Vaisala’s scalable weather observation solutions allow ports to meet their current and future needs while protecting human and natural resources. Our weather and air quality solutions are proven, widely available, easy to integrate, and cost-effective over long service lives.

    Just-in-Time Efficiency


    Real-time weather observations enable informed, timely decisions for critical port operations. Data from Vaisala ensures comprehensive weather awareness of the entire port area, giving leaders objective insights and the confidence to act decisively.

    Our globally recognized weather solutions are ideally suited for port and maritime environments.

    They can reduce disruptions and delays, allowing port leaders to focus on strategy, green initiatives, compliance, and other critical functions that serve sustainable operations.

    Wind Awareness


    Wind is the #1 weather challenge at ports, and severe wind phenomena are directly driven by climate change. Because of this, wind mitigation technologies are logical parts of a port’s digital transformation and sustainability strategies. These solutions are easy to integrate and provide real-time situational awareness for multiple stakeholders.

    This improves a port’s operations and frees its leaders to focus on broader strategic priorities — two outcomes that are crucial to any port’s evolution toward being greener and more sustainable.

    Air Quality


    Air quality is the top environmental priority for most ports, and air quality awareness is the first step toward achieving sustainable operations.

    Vaisala’s air quality monitoring solutions provide hard data to improve operations while managing air quality improvements in and around the port. With Vaisala, today’s ports can protect community health while meeting regulatory requirements and improving business outcomes.

    Port in a storm

    eBook: Ports and Climate Change

    Climate change is already exposing ports to more extreme weather occurrences, and these can cause millions in damage in repair and downtime. Today, ports are taking note of climate change, but many are still deciding what to do about it. In this eBook, learn how modernizing weather intelligence helps meet crucial goals.

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    Manage Your Port’s Toughest Weather and Environmental Conditions

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