Sustainable Ports

Monitor the air quality in your port, contribute to a healthy and sustainable harbor, and meet green requirements.

Manage Port Emissions for Health and Regulatory Compliance

Emissions from vessels, port operations, nearby industrial facilities, and related land traffic present a serious environmental health issue in major ports. Air quality is the number-one environmental priority for European ports. Monitoring a port’s air quality condition is the first step toward achieving a sustainable and green environment.

Now it’s easier to do your part with air quality monitoring solutions by gaining real-time situational awareness of pollution levels with Vaisala. Choose from a basic solution with an air quality and weather sensor network, or upgrade to a larger system with an air quality modeling system and atmospheric data.

Vaisala’s air quality monitoring solutions empower port authorities to take timely measurements based on hard data, and help with decision making around air quality improvements in and around the port. Protect the health of everyone in the vicinity while you meet regulatory requirements.

Smoggy air over a port or harbor.
Vaisala team collaborating and meeting in glass conference room

Make Your Port More Sustainable Today

Every port operation contributes to the air quality in and around a harbor. Learn how to monitor and manage port emissions for a healthier environment now.

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