Pharmaceutical extraction: herbal-based medicine


Herbal-based medications can be prepared through a variety of operations, including liquid-solid extraction, distillation, pressing, purification, concentration and fermentation, with main operation being the extraction or leaching.

Download our application note and learn how, by utilizing real-time concentration measurements by Vaisala Polaris Refractometer, pharmaceutical manufacturers can:


  • Get real-time measurement data of the increasing dissolved API content in solvent, which is a required measurement
  • Achieve consistent target concentrations
  • Eliminate the risk for product contamination through sampling
  • Build effective and cost-effective processes
  • Use the measurement data to develop and scale up processes

The application note is about leaching operation, and it explains in more detail the benefits of using refractive index in pharmaceutical manufacturing and why refractometer is ideal for liquid-solid operations. The note also includes recommended installation points for best performance.

Download the application note (PDF) by filling the form.

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