Dipping baths in rubber and medical gloves manufacturing

Dipping baths in rubber and medical gloves manufacturing


Natural and synthetic rubber gloves are manufactured using dipping technology, where ceramic or metal formers that mimic the shape of a hand are dipped in liquid latex or synthetic material, such as nitrile, vinyl or synthetic polyisoprene, and then dried. The process has many variations, and production is done either in batches or continuously. As with all protective products, final product quality and reliability are directly linked with manufacturing. The concentration of the latex is carefully monitored because it has a crucial effect on the final quality and durability.

Dipping baths

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris™ Refractometer provides continuous Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentration measurement in real time:


  • Monitors bath concentration stability to ensure safe and even product quality with no weak spots.
  • Indicates when adjustments to baths are needed reducing the consumption of raw material and diminishing operational costs.
  • Monitors the reaction and degree of polymerization in synthetic rubber gloves manufacturing, starting with the creation of the synthetic material.

The note also includes recommended refractometer installation points for best performance. Hazardous and intrinsic safety approvals are available when required.

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