Acid Passivation Process


Medical implants and surgical tools made of stainless steel must be passivated and cleaned prior usage. Passivation is done in a series of baths containing nitric acid and other special cleaning solutions. Passivation is done according to different industry standards such as ASTM A967 and ASTM F86–13. The result is an inert surface less likely to chemically react with the environment and which is safe for used in medical and surgical applications.

Download our application note and learn how, by utilizing real-time concentration measurements by Vaisala Polaris™ Refractometer, pharmaceutical manufacturers can:


  • Control the concentration of nitric acid bath throughout process, also during acid content reduction
  • Ensure high quality and correct medical grade products

The application note explains the acid passivation operation in general and the benefits of using refractive index in acid passivation. The note also includes recommended installation points for best performance.;

Download the application note (PDF) by filling the form.
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