In-line Brix measurement in juice blending

Various beverages such as still drinks and nectars are produced from juice concentrate by mixing it with water, sugar and other ingredients or flavors. The blending process requires efficient in-line monitoring in order to assure the final product’s quality and cost-efficient production. 

Juice, nectar and still drinks preparation by in-line juice blending 

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer provides accurate in-line Brix concentration measurement in real time to assure the smooth blending operations: 

  • monitors correct ingredients dosing  
  • provides efficiency of operation while eliminating the need for reblending  
  • minimizes concentrate loss 
  • assures consistent high quality of the final products 

Moreover, the refractometer’s measurement is not influenced by fruit pulp, color, fibers, solid particles or air bubbles. 3-A Sanitary and EHEDG certified, the refractometer meets the highest standards for safe food processing. 

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