Air Quality Forecast: Comprehensive insight for proactive air quality management

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To help cities become more resilient to environmental challenges, Vaisala introduces the state-of-the-art Air Quality Forecast, which provides unmatched hyperlocal insights. This new offering combines superior air quality modeling and measurements to forecast air quality at street-level resolution — including urban landscapes, within street canyons, and even around vegetation.

Air pollution visualization, actionable hourly forecasts and comprehensive hyperlocal measurements make it easier for cities to mitigate air pollution, act on an immediate air quality hazard to citizens and guide future infrastructure planning.

Air Quality Forecast is a powerful tool. Paired with Vaisala’s AQT530 compact air quality sensor, it delivers even more enhanced accuracy and localization.

Key webinar topics:

  • The challenge of air quality mitigation strategies for cities
  • How advanced modeling techniques lead to actionable insights
  • Applications for proactive air quality management
  • What to consider for creating or enhancing your city’s air quality observation network
  • How to get up and running in less than a week



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Air Quality Forecast

Hyperlocal visualization, modeling and actionable insights to empower city decision-makers. Vaisala Air Quality Forecast is an end-to-end solution that combines modern dispersion modeling techniques, data fusion algorithms and statistical approaches. The result is a comprehensive, exceptionally accurate picture of local air quality conditions — now and over the next three days.