Maritime Observation System AWS430 for naval defense


    Rely on excellent performance no matter what the weather brings: AWS430 is designed for critical maritime applications.

    Naval defense operations demand unwavering accuracy, even in the harshest conditions. Adverse weather and challenging environments are the norm, making reliable monitoring an indispensable tool for ensuring operational efficiency and the safety of naval personnel.

    The Vaisala Maritime Observation System AWS430 is a cutting-edge automatic weather station meticulously designed for naval defense applications.

    Naval defense applications:

    • Effective coordination: Monitor air and sea conditions to coordinate supply vessels, helicopters, and other operational support traffic effectively.
    • Early warning and safety protocols: Gather detailed offshore condition information to inform early warning and safety protocols, safeguarding naval personnel and assets.
    • Helideck stability: Provide accurate wind and helideck stability data to ensure safe airborne operations, vital for naval aviation.
    • Offshore maintenance: Monitor conditions to ensure safe offshore maintenance operations, enhancing the longevity of naval assets.




    Operate with confidence knowing that AWS430 is fully tested against maritime electromagnetic standards.

    AWS430 stands as a beacon of reliability in naval environments. The system is designed to withstand the salt, moisture, extreme temperatures, vibrations and impact shocks that are a daily part of working at sea.



    Designed with a modular approach, AWS430 makes it easy to integrate additional sensors and quickly replace individual components, minimizing downtime and overall operating costs.

    Automated operation and self-diagnostics continuously collect sensor data, ensuring superior reliability through data quality and sensor status checks.



    Trust your data, thanks to high data availability with validated data quality.

    Equipped with third-party sensors tailored for oceanic observations, AQT430 delivers real-time data essential for navigating complex weather and oceanic conditions, ensuring the safety and efficiency of naval operations.

    AWS430 provides multi-sensor data gathering capabilities — wind speed and direction, visibility, atmospheric pressure, air and water temperature, and humidity measurements — empowering naval defense stakeholders with unparalleled insights.

    Advanced operator software offers real-time data display, reporting tools and warning alarms for better-informed decisions during critical weather situations.


    Trust Vaisala to improve your readiness to operate in any offshore weather conditions

    Ask us how accurate and reliable weather insights improve your readiness for critical operations in every corner of the seas.