Cane sugar recovery

After the final crystallization round, the remaining heavy, viscous liquid of final molasses, also called blackstrap, treacle, or C molasses, is sent to recovery. Final molasses still contains a considerable amount, about 30 – 40 % of soluble sucrose but no longer can be crystallized. Recovery can be done with different techniques, for example by ion exclusion or liquid chromatography. Control of the recovery process is of utmost importance to achieve an economically working factory.

Cane sugar recovery

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Process Refractometer measures the range 0-100 Brix accurately and inline, and provides:

  • Seeding point control and monitoring when paired with the Zutora SeedMaster-4
  • Final molasses concentration control where typical measurement range is 60-90 Brix
  • Dilution control
  • Molasses separation control
  • Wastewater line monitoring to detect inadvertent leakage of sugar into the wastewater stream with a typical measurement range of 0-5 Brix.

The note also includes recommended Vaisala K-PATENTS refractometer installation points for the best performance.

Download our application note in PDF by filling in the form.

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