Future of mobility

A city highway crossing at night

Automation, digitalization, and innovative energy sources will change traffic and the modes of transportation. Autonomous vehicles require ever more accurate environmental observations. Observations and analyses on the environment and road state enhance the safety and efficiency of traffic in different conditions. At the same time, the environmental impacts of fossil fuels have increased the need to find alternatives.

Vaisala’s response to future of mobility

Vaisala provides solutions that combine measurement technologies, computer vision, forecasts, and open data, thus providing transportation authorities with relevant information. Based on that data, they can make informed decisions and ensure the safety and efficiency of road, rail, sea, and air transport. Also drones and autonomous vehicles, for example, depend on reliable weather data.

Vaisala’s solutions also help to further develop and enhance the use of fuel cells, lithium batteries, and biogas as the energy source of vehicles.

Future of computer vision, mobility, and weather

Weather will continue to have tremendous impact on how people and goods will actually move in the future, regardless the types of vehicles, technologies, and services making that movement possible. If a person can confidently identify an object in an image or video then we can ‘teach’ the computer to also identify this object class automatically. This means that there are many possible ways forward for Vaisala’s services, and here are just some ideas; where do You think we should go next?