The urgent need for hyperlocal air quality forecasting

Laura Alku stands in front of a city map showing air quality index levels from Vaisala Xweather
Environmental and Public Health Protection
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10:00 EDT

Hyperlocal air quality forecasting for smart cities and healthy citizens

Are you concerned about air quality levels in your city? Driving positive change for your community requires a proactive approach, which starts with hyperlocal monitoring and forecasting.

Join us in this free 45-minute webinar to learn:

  • Why there’s a growing need for hyperlocal air quality insights.
  • Six ways cities are using actionable local insights to drive change.
  • How we produce hyper-detailed urban air quality forecasts with an unprecedented 15-meter resolution up to 72 hours ahead.

Who should attend

City decision-makers, environmental protection agencies, smart city consultants and system integrators, and anyone who is working to improve air quality in local communities.

Can’t make it to a live session? No problem. Everyone who registers gets a link to the recording after the event.


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Meet the expert

Laura Alku

Vaisala Xweather product manager

Laura is the product manager for air quality forecasting solutions in the Vaisala Xweather team. She enjoys helping our customers understand, monitor, and forecast air quality to solve their environmental challenges. With 10 years of experience in radar meteorology and a background in signal processing and electronic engineering, she deeply appreciates how technology improves our understanding of the environment.