Traffic management in any weather with Beam Station

Traffic management with Beam Station
Environmental and Public Health Protection
Weather & Environment

Let’s talk about the flexible, compact, scalable way to manage traffic in any weather.

Join us at our next webinar for a look at how weather and environmental sensing can play a pivotal role in traffic management. We will also introduce  the new Vaisala Beam Weather Station BWS500. This powerful, flexible and compact road weather station provides key measurements for timely and accurate decisions.

Built to scale from standalone to a wider network, Beam Station can go just about anywhere to give you the insights you need, exactly where you need them.

What we’ll cover:

  • Road weather experts will reveal the latest research on how weather impacts traffic.
  • Find out how weather and environmental insights can be used in areas such as traffic strategies, variable message signs, variable speed limits, warnings, air quality monitoring and more.



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Featured Speakers

Danny Johns

Danny Johns

Head of Strategy and Business Development, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Mobility, Vaisala

A career meteorologist of some 32 years now focusing on the advancement of weather business and applications in ITS, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities at Vaisala.

Paras Chopra

Paras Chopra

Product Manager, Compact Station, Vaisala

As the Beam Station product manager at Vaisala, Paras Chopra brings a broad international perspective and hands-on experience. His extensive background follows a purposeful journey through innovative technology and user experience to truly understand customer needs and define solutions that make a measurable difference.