Technologies to mitigate wind risks in ports

Webinar: Sudden Winds in Ports
Weather & Environment

Discover the newest, most sophisticated technology to mitigate wind hazards

Sudden changes in wind speed and direction make it difficult to maneuver large ships, risking collisions plus the high cost of delays and repairs.

Now, there are new, sophisticated technologies and solutions available to help ports prepare for sudden winds. MARIN is one research group that has successfully used scanning lidars in port environments.

Join Vaisala, along with Henk van den Boom from the respected MARIN organization, to hear more about their scientific research on:

  • WindLASS JIP, the MARIN project that highlights wind loads and securing ships
  • Results from MARIN on the use of scanning lidars in port environments
  • Precision weather instruments like wind lidars and how they provide advanced warning of changes in wind speed
  • Practical insights on how to use wind data for modeling and wind nowcasting in port surroundings

Who should attend?

  • Port and harbor authorities
  • Port weather system integrators
  • Other port efficiency decision-makers



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Featured speakers:

Henk van den Book, Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN), Senior Project Manager

Henk van den Boom

Henk van den Boom
Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN), Senior Project Manager

Henk van den Boom graduated from Delft University of Technology in 1980 where he took a degree in Ship Hydrodynamics. He joined MARIN and worked in the R&D division for 10 years developing software for dynamic analysis of moored vessels, offshore heavy lift installation, and flexible risers. In 1990, he started the Trials & Monitoring group at MARIN dedicated to ship trials and offshore monitoring campaigns. Henk has initiated and conducted several Joint Industry Projects in the field of FPSOs, offshore workability, speed-power trials, and fuel-saving for ships.

Henk is a senior project manager responsible for special projects at MARIN. Currently, he manages the WINDLASS Joint Industry Project, which aims to better understand the 3-D wind fields in ports and the reliable prediction of wind loads on high windage vessels in the port environment. Henk is also chairman of the Vessel Operator Forum.

Dr Ludovic Thobois, Scientific manager at Leosphere - a Vaisala Company

Dr. Ludovic Thobois

Dr. Ludovic Thobois
Leosphere, a Vaisala company, Scientific Manager

Dr. Ludovic Thobois received a Ph.D. Thesis from INP Toulouse, France in fluid dynamics. He studied large-eddy simulations of turbulent flows close to surfaces without and with chemistry. He joined in 2011 the advanced research division of Leopshere, a Vaisala company, as the scientific studies manager. He was in charge of developing new post-processing techniques for providing more accurate and relevant observations from lidar raw data.

He is an active participant in several working groups in Europe that are in charge of exploring the capabilities of new remote sensors for meteorology and aviation weather applications. He was involved in several SESAR work packages related to the measurements of wake vortex and the detection of wind shear at several airports in Europe including Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. He is also involved in a COST European action related to the cooperation of European countries in science and technology to study remote sensing in observing networks for weather and climate.




Pascal Storck, Vaisala, Head of Technology

Dr. Pascal Storck

Dr. Pascal Storck
Vaisala, Head of Technology

Dr. Pascal Storck is the current manager of the renewable energy digital services business of Vaisala. He is an internationally recognized expert on renewable energy and has been with the company since its inception. Pascal has more than 20 years of experience in helping customers all over the globe understand and predict weather impacts on renewable energy projects. Pascal earned his Ph.D. from the University of Washington in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.