Sensor calibration on-site: how to ensure high-quality measurements

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The drift of measurement devices is well known to those working with them. As measurement drift might have a significant impact on the quality of data, all devices should be checked on a regular basis. Choosing how to calibrate is sometimes difficult: whether to do it in a laboratory or on-site, how many calibration points to use, and whether to adjust the devices or not. In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how to choose the best on-site calibration method for your situation.

Webinar topics include


  • Definition of high-quality measurement
  • Calibration methods compared: laboratory vs on-site calibration and traceability
  • The difference between single and multi-point calibration, what to choose and when
  • Calibration vs adjustment and a proper calibration interval
  • Practical tips for on-site calibration

This webinar is essential if you work as a controls engineer, facility manager, quality specialist, building automation specialist, energy efficiency professional, and others interested in improving measurement accuracy.

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Vuokko Lantz


The webinar is hosted by Vuokko Lantz, who represents Global Product Management at Vaisala Industrial Measurements. She has more than two decades of experience on the development and application of sensor technologies in various industrial and consumer applications. Vuokko holds Doctor of Science (Computer and Information Science, Usability Research) and Master of Science (System Analysis and Operation Research) degrees in Technology.

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Nevon Mansour, Application Engineer


The webinar is hosted by Nevon Mansour, who represents Global Product Management at Vaisala Industrial Measurements. She has comprehensive experience in mechanical engineering as well as metering and CO2 measurement solutions.

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