Ride the X-band wave for airport weather observation

Airplane Landing at Night
Weather & Environment


In aviation, awareness is everything. Expand your awareness with this webinar.

This presentation will help you build a broader, more powerful weather detection system. You’ll see how weather radar is an ideal tool for improving safety and maintaining smoother operations under all sorts of weather conditions.

Topics include: 

  • How weather radar creates comprehensive weather awareness both at and beyond the airport
  • Technical aspects of X-band that matter most to airports  
  • How to build an integrated Airport Weather Observation System (AWOS)

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Application manager Pekka Rossi, Vaisala

Pekka Rossi

Application Manager, Weather Radars

Pekka Rossi, PhD, is a weather radar application manager with the special area of expertise in weather radar based nowcasting. Before joining Vaisala, Pekka worked for six years as a weather radar expert at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), where his duties included scientific research of weather radar and lightning-based applications.

Pekka received his MSc in Electrical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology in 2009, and his PhD in Automation and Systems Technology from Aalto University in 2015. The topic of his PhD thesis relates to automatic nowcasting of thunderstorms using weather radar and lightning location data. During his PhD studies he also completed a minor in Meteorology at University of Helsinki.