Relative Saturation: The key to better vH2O2 Bio-decontamination

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Learn how Relative Saturation (RS%) is crucial to understanding, monitoring, and controlling vaporized hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination applications. The RS% value indicates the humidity of the air caused by both H2O2 vapor and water vapor, whereas RH% indicates only the water vapor present in the air mixture. In vH2O2 processes, condensation occurs when relative saturation reaches 100 %RS...

In this webinar, we explain the important role of Relative Saturation measurement and how to use this parameter to improve vaporized hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination processes.


  • Key measurement values during hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination
  • Common pitfalls in humidity measurement when bio-decontaminating containers/enclosures
  • The critical difference between relative saturation and relative humidity
  • Unique features of Vaisala's patented PEROXCAP® technology
  • Q&A 

This webinar is of interest to:

  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Bio-decontamination cycle development managers
  • Pharmaceutical development and project managers
  • Validation and quality experts
  • Bio-decontamination service providers
  • HVAC and Facility managers

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Joni Partanen

Joni Partanen

Product Manager

Joni Partanen is a Product Manager at Vaisala. He is responsible for the development of humidity and vaporized hydrogen peroxide measuring products. He has over 16 years of experience in process industry measurement technology, industrial engineering, and instrumentation. Joni holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Automation Technology.