Real-life use cases on control practices and impacts before and after TDS technology implementation in brown stock washing

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In this webinar, Rick Van Fleet (Andritz Process Optimization, Global APC Owner) will discuss the latest developments in fiberline brown stock washing with real-life use cases. The focus is on how mills have identified bottlenecks and improved economics using Optimized Dilution Factor (DF) functionality. 

In-line Total Dissolved Solids TDS measurement is essential tool to optimize individual brown stock washing steps and the entire process efficiency. The measurement technology has been developed over the past ten years and Vaisala K-Patents TDS technology has a proven track record in achieving major and measurable improvements in washing, cooking, and delignification performance with new types of advanced process control solutions.

Andritz Process Optimization offers expertise and practical solutions for automation and process engineers’ control tasks. The aim is to help mills continually improve their pulping processes, making them more efficient and profitable.

This webinar is the third in a series of three.

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Webinar speakers Keijo Pyörälä, Rick Van Fleet

Keijo Pyörälä

Keijo Pyörälä
Manager, Business Development, Liquid Measurements

Keijo Pyörälä has been working at Vaisala (K-Patents) Liquid Measurements over 25 years in different positions from Product Management to Regional Sales Management and Global Business Development. Keijo has Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Lappeenranta University of Technology and Executive Management Degree from Aalto University. He has been involved in number of global product and business development projects in different industry segments from food & beverages, pulp & paper, sugar & sweeteners to chemical & polymer and oil & gas all over the world. His specialty is process optimization with in-line process measurements, process efficiency and energy savings as well as quality improvement projects.

Rick Van Fleet

Rick Van Fleet

Rick Van Fleet
Andritz Process Optimization, Global APC Owner

Rick Van Fleet is working at Andritz Process Optimization as Global APC Owner and has been developing new advanced process control solutions for fiberline optimizations over twenty years. Prior joining Andritz he has been a Fiberline Business Development Manager at BTG Americas, Inc. specializing in Pulping Process Control and over twenty years with Honeywell in Phoenix, AZ holding several titles including Product Manager, Global Strategic Marketing Solutions Leader- Pulping Honeywell Process Solutions. He has conducted studies and implemented pulping process control projects in 20+ countries; and his specialties include process analysis, economic projections, justification of automation systems, managing change with operators. Rick began his career as Bleach Plant Process Engineer for Great Lakes Forest Products in Dryden, Ontario in 1983 after receiving his B.S in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Currently he is located in Atlanta, GA.