PPT: Uncompromising accuracy with less time and costs

Let’s talk about today’s PPT challenges and how to efficiently meet them
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Let’s talk about today’s PPT challenges and how to efficiently meet them

Power Performance Testing (PPT) is crucial for every wind energy farm — but the process is expensive and tedious with traditional methods. Join our next webinar to explore up-to-date technology that can easily make the process more efficient and less painful.

What we’ll cover:

  • Current Power Performance Testing challenges in onshore and offshore wind farms
  • Why PPT has been a time-consuming and expensive process
  • How to take best advantage of modern technology during the PPT process with less time and costs while assuring high data accuracy



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Featured speakers

Andrew Black, Research and Application Engineer, Vaisala

Andrew Black

Research and Application Engineer, Vaisala


Andrew focuses on the use of WindCube for wind energy applications. He has worked in R&D for a variety of products at Vaisala, including the Triton sodar, the X- and C-band weather radars, and wind energy forecasting technology. He has worked in wind energy since 2008, at Second Wind, Vaisala, and Leosphere. Andrew is one of the inventors of Triton’s TPU speaker and Sodar 3.0 algorithms.

Andrew has served in various industry groups, including the American Meteorological Society’s Renewable Energy Committee, the Consortium For the Advancement of Remote Sensing, and the IEC 61400-15, among others. He has a BA in Physics from Tufts University and an MS in Applied Physics from Columbia University.

Andy Chang

Andy Chang

Manager of Wind Performance Services, ArcVera


Andy Chang is Manager of Wind Performance Services at ArcVera, supervising not just the execution of power performance tests, but advancements and studies as well. He has supported IEA Wind Task 52 in his past role as global performance testing technical leader at GE Vernova with previous stints at DNV and Boeing.

Aurelie Jeannin

Aurelie Jeannin

Market Development Manager, Wind Energy, Vaisala


As the Market Development Manager for Vaisala’s WindCube wind lidar suite, Aurélie tailors her deep understanding of renewable energy to help wind energy professionals solve the challenges of wind and weather measurement with innovation and enthusiasm. She works to bring emerging trends to life for the benefit of customers and the wind energy industry from the Vaisala location in Saclay, France. Aurélie has built her expertise in product and technology development through decades of industry experience founded on a Master of Science degree in electrical and computer engineering.