Ports and sudden winds: be prepared with advanced technology

Aerial view of a port
Weather & Environment

Windshear, or sudden surface-level winds — the second-largest weather challenge in ports  —are a major operational hazard. Sudden changes in wind speed and direction make it difficult to maneuver large ships, risking collisions plus the high cost of delays and repairs.

High-quality weather measurement systems can give port authorities the advance warning needed to help avoid collisions and maintain cost and operational efficiency.

Join us for this engaging webinar where experts will be talking about:

  •      Current weather challenges facing port authorities
  •      What causes windshear in port environments
  •     How precision weather instruments and systems provide advance warning of changes in wind speed

Who should attend:
Port and harbor authorities, port weather system integrators, and other port efficiency decision-makers. If you can’t make the live time, register anyway and we will send you a link to the recording.


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Webinar speakers:

Mikko Nikkanen

Head of Maritime, Weather and Environment


Mikko leads strategy and development for Vaisala’s Maritime and Ports segment. He has established Vaisala’s maritime focus in modern weather awareness solutions, bringing 20 years of global sales and business development experience to build innovative solutions with various partner ecosystems.

Samu Karanko, Vaisala

Samu Karanko

Head of Science, Europe, Vaisala

Samu Karanko is the head of science for Vaisala Digital, where he sets the research and development priorities in alignment with the company’s strategic vision. With more than 20 years of road weather experience, he is an expert at managing the development of new processes and technologies, often in concert with global partners across a wide range of industries and organizations. Samu is well-versed in navigating the challenges of technical feasibility, quality, and return on investment (ROI).

Prior to joining Vaisala Digital, Samu worked as the chief scientist at Foreca, where he was responsible for a wide array of initiatives, notably the development of the company’s Road Weather Model, which was later acquired by Vaisala. Samu has also long been involved in national road weather service initiatives, where his project leadership experience includes creating and implementing specifications for the national road weather services of New Zealand, Sweden, and Russia, as well as creating the foundation for public road weather forecasts for the Finnish Road Authority. Karanko also oversaw the integration of the METRo road weather model into Foreca systems.

Although much of his work relates to strategy and process, Samu stays engaged in software design and development to enhance his perspective on emerging technologies. He enjoys sharing his strong personal investment in this field and enabling its continued evolution.



Panu Kopsala

Panu Kopsala

Solution Manager

Panu Kopsala is currently Application manager for a first line technical and sales support of weather systems in meteorology, developing weather and maritime markets. His responsibilities include application insights for new solutions, roadmaps and  product requirements creation. In Vaisala he has already over 20 years’ experience in different roles in product and business development. The greatest interest and experience is in maritime and emerging weather applications like IoT and smart sensor evolution.