Optimizing offshore wind farm construction and maintenance operations with more accurate weather awareness insight

Offshore windfarm



Wind farms are expanding — especially offshore into deeper waters. The weather is harsh and less predictable farther from shore, risking safety and operational efficiency. Delays and repairs can easily cost millions. 

From construction to maintenance, the key to maximizing safety and efficiency in offshore wind farm operations is accurate and reliable weather insights. Forecasts simply don’t provide enough insights or timely warning of hazardous winds, lightning, and storms. 

Join us for this engaging and informative webinar, where we will be talking about how complete weather awareness gives decision makers the power to optimize their operations and improve safety. 

Learn how on-site weather observations and nowcasting can help: 

  • Optimize wind farm build-up times, accessibility and maintenance, especially for wind turbine installation vessels (WTIV) 
  • Ensure asset safety during loading, transportation, installation and maintenance 
  • Increase crew safety 
  • Reduce the total construction costs

Who should attend: Offshore wind farm owners, developers, contractors and operators, wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV) operators, offshore system integrators, ship designers and shipyards.



Read the BLOG: Offshore wind development is booming

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Offshore wind development is booming

How to secure more reliable weather window estimates for efficient and safe offshore wind farm installations? When it’s your job to maintain safety, efficiency and on-time departures, every minute counts. Without compromising safety, the key to maintaining operations is having real-time, accurate and reliable weather information at hand. It allows you to plan ahead and react quickly to changing circumstances. Read what Vaisala´s Head of Maritime Mikko Nikkanen has to say about the topic in his blog post.



Mikko Nikkanen

Head of Maritime, Weather and Environment

Mikko leads strategy and development for Vaisala’s Maritime and Ports segment. He has established Vaisala’s maritime focus in modern weather awareness solutions, bringing 20 years of global sales and business development experience to build innovative solutions with various partner ecosystems.

Dr, Remy Parmentier

Remy Parmentier

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Renewable Energy

Dr Rémy Parmentier is working as the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Vaisala Leosphere. He is in charge of developing the application of Pulsed Coherent Lidar technology for Air Quality and Meteorology. Having joined Leosphere in 2006 he lead for 10 years the Windcube Lidar R&D team and contributed actively to demonstrating worldwide the benefits of the Lidar technology.

Dr Parmentier holds a PhD in Physics from Univ. of Aix-Marseille (France) and previously worked for Schlumberger (optical sensors and systems development) and the French Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (fiber optic sensors modeling).

Hans Loewenheath

Hans Loewenheath

Product Manager - Lightning

Hans joined Vaisala in 2020 with a focus on lightning solutions. He is passionate about discovering customer value and helping organizations improve their safety and efficiency. Prior to joining Vaisala, he worked for 7 years in industrial instrumentation and automation industry in sales, product management, and product marketing.