Maximizing solar energy investment - The financial impact of accurate solar irradiance and weather data​

How to fuel solar farm profitability with accurate data
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Let’s talk about the (positive) financial impact of accurate solar irradiance and weather data​.

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Join this expert talk, organized jointly with 3E, to learn more about the relationship between solar irradiance accuracy and financial revenue in solar power plants — a critical aspect of optimizing the profitability of solar energy projects. When the data is well managed, it easily leads to more efficient and profitable solar power generation.​

What will we cover?

  • Unveiling the crucial link between solar irradiance and meteorological data accuracy and financial profitability
  • Using accurate solar irradiance and weather data to improve the financial returns and performance of your solar power projects
  • Use cases of how detailed weather analytics enhance solar power plant performance, including maintenance, data accuracy, forecasting and energy output efficiency

This expert talk is ideal for solar energy industry professionals including:

  • Independent power producers (IPP) Solar power plant owners, developers and operators
  • Renewable energy consulting companies
  • Operations & management


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Featured speaker and related products:

Nicole Neumann

Nicole Neumann

Meet Nicole, a dedicated Product Manager at 3E with a passion for creating sustainable solutions. Her role involves crafting and refining product roadmaps to provide valuable data insights to customers, including Asset Owners, IPP, EPC, and O&Ms, aiming to maximize the performance of solar plants. Nicole, who specializes in Environmental Engineering, brings her expertise and a background in digitalization from industries like water and wastewater utilities. She firmly believes in the transformative impact of AI on making energy generation more sustainable.

Rémy Parmentier

Rémy Parmentier

Dr Rémy Parmentier is working as the Strategy and Market Development Manager at Vaisala Renewable Energy. He is in charge of Vaisala Solar Energy strategy, business and offering development. Having joined Vaisala Leosphere in 2006 he lead for 10 years the Windcube Lidar R&D team and contributed actively to demonstrating worldwide the benefits of the Lidar technology.

Dr Parmentier holds a PhD in Physics from Univ. of Aix-Marseille (France) and previously worked for Schlumberger (optical sensors and systems development) and the French Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (fiber optic sensors modeling).

AWS810 Solar Edition

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