LiveCast: Achieving bankability with wind lidar

LiveCast: Achieving bankability with wind lidar
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How can lidar help achieve lower measurement uncertainties and guarantee higher bankability in your measurement campaigns?

Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) is one of the most important steps in wind farm development. WindCube is widely used for this application thanks to its proven track record, measurement accuracy and unmatched services.

Join the LiveCast to hear from DNV, AES Clean Energy and Vaisala on how to leverage vertical profiling lidars to build profitable onshore wind farms.

What will be covered:

  • Vaisala will demonstrate what makes WindCube bankable and why Vaisala is the trusted partner for wind measurement campaigns
  • DNV will discuss how to leverage lidar measurements to lower project uncertainties in WRA campaigns following IEC standards and industry best practices
  • AES Clean Energy will talk about lidar bankability and acceptance of the lidar technology for Wind Resource Assessment in the United States



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Featured speakers: Achieving bankability with wind lidar

Elvira Aliverdieva

Elvira Aliverdieva

Product & Offering Specialist, Renewable Energy PMA, Vaisala

Elvira joined Vaisala’s marketing department in Paris after finishing ESSEC Business School in France. She has previous experience in marketing & sales support in the renewable energy and technology-related sectors, specifically focusing on market analysis, marketing strategy and business development.

She joined Vaisala in 2020 to participate in market and offering management activities and support the company’s renewable energy product positioning. She is also serving as a liaison between the company’s scientific and business development teams.

Senior Energy & Performance Specialist, DNV Energy Systems Canada Inc.

Reesa Dexter

Senior Energy & Performance Specialist, DNV Energy Systems Canada Inc.

Reesa Dexter DNV’s Global Practice Lead for Remote Sensing since 2022. In this leadership role Reesa’s main objective is to collaborate with global experts to ensure DNV deliverables using remote sensing devices meet industry best practices, international standards and continue to meet customer needs globally.

Reesa has also worked on numerous wind turbine power performance tests, and remote sensing performance verifications onshore and offshore. Between 2019 and 2021, Reesa was a member the IEA Task 32 Advisory Board for the application of lidar in the wind industry and continues to be an active participant on the continued lidar IEA Task 52.

Mithu Debnath, Manager, Wind Performance, AES Clean Energy

Mithu Debnath

Manager, Wind Performance, AES Clean Energy

Mithu is currently the Manager of the Wind Performance Engineering team at AES Clean Energy in Louisville, Colorado. His works deal with wind project contracts, executions, and performance evaluations.

Before joining AES, Mithu completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2018. Mithu joined NREL in 2018 where he led the team who conceived and designed the American Wake Experiment.

His efforts at NREL also included numerical simulation of wind turbine wakes, atmospheric research, and experimental planning for several field campaigns in wind and solar energy. Mithu authored and co-authored more than 20 peer-reviewed articles.