Keeping airports safe and efficient when lightning strikes

Plane taking off in a thunderstorm
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Lightning near airports: How close is too close?

When it’s your job to maintain safety and efficient operations, every minute counts. How do you know when lightning will strike or how long it will last?

The impacts of lightning in airport environments can be severe, affecting safety, assets, and travel. The key to addressing these challenges is having real-time, accurate, and reliable weather information at hand — especially when it comes to thunderstorms.

Join us for this engaging webinar to learn:

  •     Current challenges facing airport environments
  •     Single point sensors vs. network approaches
  •     New developments in lightning detection  and alerting technology

Who should attend:

Airport, airline, and air traffic control decision-makers, operators, ground teams, and anyone else interested in ensuring safety and efficiency during thunderstorms.

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Ronald L. Holle Meteorologist/Consultant  Vaisala

Ronald L. Holle


Ron is a senior scientist and has worked extensively in meteorological education issues, particularly those relating to lightning safety and the demographics of lightning victims. Prior to joining Vaisala, he worked with the NOAA Research Laboratories for 38 years.

He is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, and a member of the Executive Committee of the African Centres for Lightning & Electromagnetics Network, a pan-African network of centres dedicated to decreasing deaths, injuries and property damage from lightning.



Brooke Pearson

Brooke Pearson

Global Solutions Manager

Brooke Pearson has more than 30 years of experience working in the field of meteorology and is currently Vaisala’s Lightning Global Solutions Manager.