Lidar without limits: Innovative WindCube® enhancements for wind energy

WindCube Lidar
Wind and Solar Energy 


This webinar was first held in February 2021 and features experts from Leosphere, a Vaisala company, DNV, and Deutsche WindGuard. They discuss powerful enhancements made to WindCube that increase data accuracy, operational continuity, and bankability — and how they benefit the wind industry.

Covered in this webinar:

  • A suite of new validation services — through a partnership with DNV — enhances operational continuity and saves time and money
  • WindCube is validated by Deutsche WindGuard and is fully IEC-classified
  • New global standard and premium services increase operational continuity and uptime
  • A breakthrough hybrid wind reconstruction algorithm further reduces measurement uncertainties
  • WindCube’s wind measurement range and flexibility have improved to measure the wind profile of even the largest turbines onshore and offshore

Featuring industry experts:

  • Elvira Aliverdieva, Product and Offering Specialist, Leosphere, a Vaisala company
  • Fabio Wagner, MBA, Head of Section, Loads & Power Performance & Wind Resource, DNV Garrad Hassan Deutschland GmbH
  • Axel Albers, Managing Director, Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH
  • Andrew Hastings-Black, Research Scientist, Leosphere, a Vaisala company

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Elvira Aliverdieva

Elvira Aliverdieva

Product & Offering Specialist, Renewable Energy PMA, Vaisala

Elvira joined Vaisala’s marketing department in Paris after finishing ESSEC Business School in France. She has previous experience in marketing & sales support in the renewable energy and technology-related sectors, specifically focusing on market analysis, marketing strategy and business development.

She joined Vaisala in 2020 to participate in market and offering management activities and support the company’s renewable energy product positioning. She is also serving as a liaison between the company’s scientific and business development teams.

Andrew Black, Research and Application Engineer, Vaisala

Andrew Black

Research and Application Engineer, Vaisala


Andrew focuses on the use of WindCube for wind energy applications. He has worked in R&D for a variety of products at Vaisala, including the Triton sodar, the X- and C-band weather radars, and wind energy forecasting technology. He has worked in wind energy since 2008, at Second Wind, Vaisala, and Leosphere. Andrew is one of the inventors of Triton’s TPU speaker and Sodar 3.0 algorithms.

Andrew has served in various industry groups, including the American Meteorological Society’s Renewable Energy Committee, the Consortium For the Advancement of Remote Sensing, and the IEC 61400-15, among others. He has a BA in Physics from Tufts University and an MS in Applied Physics from Columbia University.

Fabio Wagner, MBA

Head of Section, Loads & Power Performance & Wind Resource DNV GL

Axel Albers

Managing Director Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH