Lidar without limits: Innovative WindCube® enhancements for wind energy

WindCube Lidar
Wind and Solar Energy 


This webinar was first held in February 2021 and features experts from Leosphere, a Vaisala company, DNV, and Deutsche WindGuard. They discuss powerful enhancements made to WindCube that increase data accuracy, operational continuity, and bankability — and how they benefit the wind industry.

Covered in this webinar:

  • A suite of new validation services — through a partnership with DNV — enhances operational continuity and saves time and money
  • WindCube is validated by Deutsche WindGuard and is fully IEC-classified
  • New global standard and premium services increase operational continuity and uptime
  • A breakthrough hybrid wind reconstruction algorithm further reduces measurement uncertainties
  • WindCube’s wind measurement range and flexibility have improved to measure the wind profile of even the largest turbines onshore and offshore

Featuring industry experts:

  • Elvira Aliverdieva, Product and Offering Specialist, Leosphere, a Vaisala company
  • Fabio Wagner, MBA, Head of Section, Loads & Power Performance & Wind Resource, DNV Garrad Hassan Deutschland GmbH
  • Axel Albers, Managing Director, Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH
  • Andrew Hastings-Black, Research Scientist, Leosphere, a Vaisala company

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Elvira Aliverdieva

Elvira Aliverdieva

Product & Offering Specialist, Renewable Energy PMA, Vaisala


Elvira joined Vaisala’s marketing department in Paris after finishing ESSEC Business School in France. She has previous experience in marketing & sales support in the renewable energy and technology-related sectors, specifically focusing on market analysis, marketing strategy and business development. 


Andrew Hastings Black

Andrew Hastings-Black

Research and Application Engineer, Vaisala

Fabio Wagner, MBA

Head of Section, Loads & Power Performance & Wind Resource DNV GL

Axel Albers

Managing Director Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH