The four most important things about weather prediction are quality, reliability, accuracy and availability.  In today’s world better weather prediction has far-reaching socio-economic consequences. High quality atmospheric observations provide the data necessary for accurate forecasting that helps to anticipate and prepare for the impacts that weather can have. 

Meteorological institutes need to optimize their observation systems and networks in order to maximize their benefit to society. Automatic sounding station is an important tool in the drive for meteorological data availability. With the Vaisala AUTOSONDE® national weather services can extend the coverage of their upper-air networks to geographically remote and hard-to-reach locations and thus develop a more comprehensive synoptic upper-air program.

Watch the webinar to hear why automate soundings operation and what value Vaisala’s new AUTOSONDE AS41 can bring. 

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Webinar speaker: Matti Lehmuskero

Soundings Application Manager

Matti Lehm​uskero is an Application Manager at Vaisala with over 14 years of experience in sounding systems and radiosondes. 
He has worked in research and development projects, product management, and sales projects. Lehmuskero has a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Joensuu.