High quality humidity measurements in the cloud – what can it do for you?

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Monitoring humidity and temperature on sites consumes a lot of time and money. Even worse, nowadays, repeatedly sending people to a job site or gaining access to a building may not be as easy as it once was. What if there was a better way?   

Join us for a webinar to discover how cloud-based solutions can help your business. Remotely monitor vital device and sensor data anytime, anywhere - mobile or desktop. Vaisala’s Senior Product Manager Lars Stormbom will reveal the benefits and possibilities available through new cloud-based monitoring.  

Key points of interest: 

  • How the newest IoT-technologies can change your ways of working 
  • Safety, security and precautions of cloud infrastructures  
  • New ways of monitoring, logging and analyzing measurement data 
  • Application examples: concrete drying, building commissioning, museums 
  • Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud overview 


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Lars Stormbom, Product Manager


Lars Stormbom
Senior Product Manager

Lars Stormbom works at Vaisala in the Industrial Instruments product area. He holds a MSc in Technical Physics and has an extensive experience in humidity measurements. Lars is the specialist in a wide range of humidity sensors and multiple technology applications.