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Get the latest information about the future of hydrogen economy and green hydrogen production processes through fuel cells and electrolyzers. This is a unique opportunity to benefit from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland's Research Professor Jari Kiviaho's extensive knowhow of the hydrogen industry and hydrogen related conversion processes and process measurements. Moreover, Vaisala's Product Manager Juhani Lehto will share some measurement insights from manufacturer viewpoint and what specifications are crucial for the process quality.

Key topics covered:


  • The role of hydrogen in the green transition
  • Green hydrogen production
  • Fuel cell and hydrogen research in VTT
  • Measurements and process quality

Who should attend?

This 45-minute webinar is useful especially for companies manufacturing fuel cells, electrolyzers or related test equipment. However, we welcome anyone interested to this free-of-charge webinar session. 

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Guest speaker Jari Kiviaho, VTT

Research professor Jari Kiviaho from VTT received his Master of Science degree in 1990 and Doctor of philosophy degree in 1996 from University of Joensuu. He has a background comprising more than 20 years’ experience from fuel cells, electrolyzers and green hydrogen. He is having very wide national and international network and a large number of posts in fuel cells, electrolyzers and hydrogen related organizations.

Juhani Lehto, Product Manager

Webinar host Juhani Lehto, Vaisala

Juhani Lehto is a Product Manager at Vaisala for several industrial high-end measurement products. He has over 15 years of experience in industrial measurements and sensor technology. He holds a Master of Science degree in Technology from the Aalto University, Finland.